Mayor Jackie Adams

Vote for Jackie Adams to be the mayor of Siler City, North Carolina! Jackie Adams is a beacon of positive change that is desperately needed in Siler City. Why vote for Jackie? Let’s take a look!


  • Oasis Open Air Market and Oasis Fresh Market and Deli, Owner and Operator
  • Siler City Development Organization, member of the Board of Directors
  • Siler City Merchants Association, President
  • Siler City Downtown Advisory Board, Chair
  • Siler City Planning Board, Siler City Land Development plan, Advisory Board Member
  • Chatham County Small Business and Economic Development Committee, Member
  • Chatham County Board of Health – Advisory Animal Services, President
  • IBM, Environmental, Plastics and Polymer Science Engineer (retired)

Questions and Answers

What are your main goals?

  • Improve water and sewer quality and capacity.
  • Bring high-quality, sustainable business and jobs to Siler City.
  • Bring affordable and sustainable housing to Siler City.
  • Make Siler City a family friendly place for everyone.

What do you think sets you apart from the other candidates?

As a local business owner and active member of local and county-wide boards, I am deeply committed to supporting the revival and growth of Siler City and providing the best possible environment for all of its citizens. I intend to create opportunities to hear and respond to the needs and dreams of our residents.

I am a Siler City resident, business owner and farmer. I have called Chatham County home for the last 2 decades volunteering and leading and representing all people across county and city organizations, I strongly believe that strategic planning, collaboration, hard work, discipline and compassion are the tools to insure success in all ventures, including leading Siler City as its next mayor. As the child of an economically struggling single parent who valued the opportunities a solid education would yield, I worked four jobs to pay my way through college. My work experience includes time in the corporate world as an environmental and plastics engineer at IBM, where I also worked to start up and grow businesses of all sizes. I have mentored both students and adults in the areas of business development, science, technology, engineering and math.

I established the Oasis Open Air Market and Oasis Fresh Market and Deli to fill a void and address a need. As a result, I have seen an increase in many of our residents of all ages coming out to enjoy the park, or being able to sell their wares at our events.  or being able to experience healthy food options on a regular basis. Here is where I have met many who have voiced their concerns for change and I am listening. I have proven this by spearheading the grass roots Siler City Downtown Organization in order to advance our rich history and eclectic treasures. Due to this work there is an official Downtown Advisory Board to the Board of Commissioners that has recently recommended and got approval to establish a “Downtown Overlay District” for Siler City and the Advisory Board is now progressing further with many more recommendations to update and attract more business and persons to Siler City.

Why are you running?

Siler City residents deserve good jobs, I will go out and get those companies in here, work to fill our vacant buildings. Our residents deserve good affordable housing, drinkable water and a vibrant downtown. Siler City residents are resilient. I want to build on that resiliency by listening to their needs and create a viable, agenda to move us forward.  I am running to make our town a welcoming community for all.

What makes you the best person for the position?

I am the candidate with the experience and knowledge in promoting sustainable growth for community and business. I successfully spearheaded the municipal changes in the Downtown Overlay district that transformed a vacant lot into an open air park, providing a central gathering space for our children and families to walk and relax downtown in a park atmosphere. I worked with the County as well as Siler City’s planning board and Board of Commissioners to create the Open Air Market, helped devise the space and legalize the process to allow local/sourced entrepreneurs to sell their wares. I strive to continue to bring diverse ethnicities and their foods and wares and share with others. My active involvement with town associations, advisory boards, and committees has enabled me to build relationships across all sectors of the Siler City and County offices, allowing me to feel confident I will be able to get things accomplished for Siler City.

What do you think sets you apart from the other candidates?

As a business owner in one of the oldest brick buildings in downtown Siler City, who has invested in the care and feeding of Siler City and its residents, and as a go-getter who knows what it takes to get things done, I am your choice for mayor.  I have built positive relationships with government and town employees. As your mayor, I can make a difference for Siler City. I am also deeply committed to increasing the participation and confidence of all Siler City residents in the democratic process including voting. I intend to create opportunities to hear and respond to the needs and desires of our residents.