What Role Can The Siler City Mayor play to help increase household income

Siler City’s median household income is around $27,000, lower than the county median by a significant margin, as your Siler City Mayor I would,
● Find and seek out opportunities for the families and their children to grow, such as a focus on acquiring small software, or robotics companies that attract our youth for summer jobs or as careers. Our vacant buildings are better priced with a central location in our state and make a better affordable office space then Durham, Orange, or Wake County.
● Work at providing affordable housing to sustain our families, and businesses and making sure that their families have a chance to live and become part of our workforce.
● Work with the major manufacturing employers in Siler City to brainstorm ways to work and make Siler City an attractive and formidable location for employees and their families to live and work.

A Mayor Represents the People and Sets The Agenda

When recently asked, “What are the principles you would carry into that role of Mayor to deserve it?”  I  answered,  ” I am experienced, approachable, honest, collaborative, ethical, and deliberate in action.”

The mayor needs to represent the people. Mayors “typically” run their city or town’s day-to-day administration. The Mayor usually with a town manager, set the agenda, and work with the legislative body,  we call our Board of Commissioners, to enact laws that move their town forward and deliver for the people. The Mayor should not only preside over council meetings, provide leadership, but should receive input from constituents and make collaborative business decisions regardless of having no vote during town board meetings. Mayors, represent their town during ribbon cutting, county, state, and federal mayoral events, and is the “face” of the town to new and upcoming businesses. The Mayor also can work to gather funding along with grant writers and the town manager to advocate for advancements to assist the Town staff in delivering for the people, clean water, updated sewer and waste water treatment plants, pipes, and more.

There is a need for strategic and tactical vision, and execution,  I have that experience working, developing, and sustaining large organizations in a multi billion dollar company using those very characteristics. I also have been here in Siler City and in Chatham County over the last 20 years developing and working in appointed and elected leadership roles in both civic and town/county appointed organizations. These positions  allowed me to move us forward to drive Economic Development  advocating the development of business  and safe environment for our citizens. These changes have included development of new ordinances while removing some old ordinances collaborating with the Board of Commissioners and town staff. These ordinances have enabled new business into Siler City that were not able to come before. This work enabled the start  of cleanup efforts (much more to go). If one strolls in our new  downtown overlay district, you can see the recent changes. This has also brought new visitors to our innovative and resilient little town enjoying more pedestrian friendly streets. I would like to be able to expand this work across Siler City. I do hope I have earned your vote for Mayor for the next two years. Vote Jackie Adams for Mayor of Siler City

Siler City WIFI and Broadband

Free internet for Siler City citizens. Many small towns have adopted options for its residents to have available broadband/fiber to access the internet. In the recent past this was ’taken under advisement by the Town’s elected officials, some advised for it but the majority didn’t support it. Let us bring this back for a vote. The ‘Technology‘ is out there and fiber companies have opted to “help Siler City” in the past. This would be a great way to help our families at little to no cost to our residents. Elect Jackie Adams as your next mayor of Siler City. This technology is needed for all our citizens now.

Statement on the letter sent to A&I’s Chicken Shack

We, in Siler City, all support our businesses, our citizens, and all our friends and guests, in and around Siler City.  Everyone is welcome and should feel safe in our town and in our businesses. This inclusive nature is our Siler City and Chatham County. We all respond to rally and support all our businesses. I am confident our law enforcement will find whoever is responsible for this or any attack on one of our own.

National Night Out in Siler City was wonderful!

  • Jackie Adams explains her campaign to a very interested public

National Night Out on October 6 in Siler City was a BLAST! I spent a lot of time talking to people about my mayoral campaign. getting feedback and many changes they would like to see. Many of you were very interested in my campaign and I in what you had to say.  It was wonderful to meet so many people from so many places and to listen to what they had to say. I’d especially like to thank the NC Arts Incubator and The Chatham Rabbit coffee shop for giving me an opportunity to speak on their stage. Thank you so much to EVERYONE in Siler City!