Loss of H&B Legacy Furniture wrt Ordinances and Building Codes

Written BY Jackie Adams October 20, 2019

In response to my thoughts and comments to the Loss of H&B Legacy Furniture in Siler City by Chatham News +Record

Every small town and its small businesses face unique challenges. H&B Legacy Furniture, owned by Tim and Camille Cunnup, is no different. The Cunnups built relationships on quality and honesty with their suppliers, manufactures, and customers. That is of value when your goal is attracting outside customers to a destination location. Tim and Camille promised to keep the “Legacy” name alive while working to build their own legacy in Siler City. The Cunnup family all worked at this business, as we as small business owners do. And they lived up to their promise to the past and to the community.

As a property owner and a business owner, and as the President of the Merchants Association, the Chair of the Downtown Advisory Board to the Board of Commissioners, and a Board member of the Siler City Development Organization, I understand the characteristics it takes to develop and grow and make it as a small business in a wonderful town like Siler City. I know what it means to rent to a small business when you can sell to a larger one. Yet, one sacrifices for the good of the community, because it not all about the bottom line.

The “Legacy” building is presumably being sold to a Raleigh-based company that will turn the building into a warehouse. It is especially sad that we do not have the infrastructure or the rehabilitated buildings that would allow H&B Legacy and the Cunnup family to relocate to another location in town. What will that do to the reputation we are trying to build as destination location as we lose yet another business that can draw visitors and customers to Siler City?

It is a great loss when a wonderful family business closes its doors. A loss to our town’s prosperity, a loss to our community, all to a larger company who won’t care about the promise the Cunnups made. I still have hopes that the “Legacy” can continue. Maybe a deal can be worked out between the “Legacy family” and the Cunnups, but if not, we know it won’t be because Tim and his family were not willing to try or that their business wasn’t a success. Communities like ours need to work together as much as possible and support one another, as building owners, business owners, or patrons. We are stronger together.

Siler City Needs Recreational Alternatives for Our Children

I see a skate park and an adjacent dog park located in our town at a  select location for easy access.  We need more, then the park with a shelter, a swing set, and a ball field. We need something our families, friends, children of all ages, can flock to that is new, different, and exciting for our young people. What about concrete ping pong tables, so much can be done if thought out.  If it is done right, we can work with other organizations, government or otherwise,  to pay for a project(s) such as this in order to “not” burden our tax payers. This is one of the many visions I see for Siler City in the near future and would like the opportunity to work with our Town Manger, Parks n Rec and the Siler City Board of Commissioners to do this sooner than later.

Chatham N+ R, EDC Interview and My Responses

Because this is such an important race it is important you have an opportunity to not simply see or read snippets of my Interview questions and answers but to be able to read them in their entirety.

Summary – We need to be able to house workers and their families here in Siler City. We need housing for those workers and the infrastructure to sustain them. We need to have a better quality of life and bring in businesses for our children and children’s children.  My history shows I can do the job.

Document written by Jacklin A. Adams, Candidate for Mayor of Siler City Sept 14, 2019

How would you define economic development? Economic development is the process by which an economy is improved. It is the change that allows a town or municipality thrive in a sustainable environment. One measure of economic development is the way a town or municipality adapts to new technologies and transitions from old infrastructure to new ideas of work. Ultimately, economic development reflects general improvement in the education, health, and well-being of a community’s citizens and hence its standard and quality of life.

What role do you think government plays in economic development?Government can set the policies and ordinances that protect our rural character while helping to preserve open space, protect air and water quality, provide places for recreation, create tourist attractions, and build walkable, pedestrian-friendly streets. In Siler City, good government can promote transportation and infrastructure (clean water, long term solutions to sewer capacity, a larger tax base), all of which brings investments into the local economy.

What things do you think are important to draw businesses to Siler City? Siler City needs improved infrastructure and affordable housing. Our local business, faith-based community leaders, schools, families and nonprofits must work together to spearhead changes to better equip our town and its people to support sustainable businesses and make Siler City a place where families want to live.We also need to proactively advertise Siler City as the place to bring your small business.We are centrally located to both the Triad and Triangle, with affordable rentals in the central business district and easy access to every part of the state.

What type of businesses/industries do you think are vital for Siler City’s economic development? I would emphasize plans to attract small and medium business, with a focus on small technology firms.

What are your goals for economic development? What steps are necessary to achieve those goals? My goals are to grow our value in social capital, working infrastructure, and clean and healthy living in order to attract, retain, and support sustainable businesses. I will work in partnership with the Chatham Economic Development Corporation, Central Carolina Community College, and UNC School of Government to effectively use their considerable resources. I will work with Siler City’s civic, community, and business leaders to develop a long-term plan for growth, set it in motion, revisit it regularly, and adjust it as needed.

What role as Mayor would you play in actualizing those goals? An effective mayor drives economic development by engaging civic, community, and business leaders to develop smart plans and follow through on them. The mayor should work as our representative to build community and regional support for Siler City’s growth. Shesets the agenda and is the chief community leader. I will be an active mayorwho reflects and listens to the citizens in our educational and municipal sectors, faith communities, and local agencies. I welcome the responsibility to be a problem-solver and facilitatortoward a more dynamic Siler City. As your Mayor, I will work with the town staff, and across community and boards to be your catalyst, connector, and consensus-builder for positive change.

What qualifications do you think you have that would impact your ability to make those goals a reality? I offer Siler City drive, passion, and a strong leadership background in product and business development, demonstrated through decades of business experience and community involvement. My work experience and community service includes:

  • Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Farmer
  • Corporate Environmental and Supply Chain Engineer
  • Board member of the Siler City and Rural NC STEP for Small Business
  • Committee Member, Chatham County Economic Development Committee for Small Business
  • Board Member of Siler City Development Organization
  • President of the Siler City Merchants Association
  • Chair and Co-Founder, SC Downtown Advisory Board to the Board of Commissioners
  • 25 years at IBM working to build sustainable, environmentally friendly industry and manufacturing globally


What I Will Do as Your Advocate and Mayor

An effective mayor drives economic development by engaging civic, community, and business leaders to develop smart plans and follow through on them. The mayor should work as our representative to build community and regional support for Siler City’s growth. She sets the agenda and is the chief community leader. I will be an active mayor who reflects and listens to the citizens in our educational and municipal sectors, faith communities, and local agencies. I welcome the responsibility to be a problem-solver and facilitator toward a more dynamic Siler City. We need good jobs, drinkable water, affordable housing, a vibrant downtown, a welcoming Route 64 corridor, and increased economic development. I have the skills, experience, and passion to bring people together to make these things happen. As your Mayor, I will work with the town staff, and across community and boards to be your catalyst, connector, and consensus-builder for positive change.  Please head to the poles for early one stop voting October 16 to cast your vote.

Shutting Down a Portion of Third Street – TBD

I have just got off the phone with The Siler City Planning and Development Director. The fact is that Mountaire is still aggressively pursuing closing 3rd street. They have committed major funds in order to buy up more land, develop and gather engineering plans as well as pay $3,000 for petitions.
I understand the initial moratorium from the BoCs of 90 days is now past, and any day Mountaire can come before the staff to submit their Engineering plans to address the concerns the Town Staff had given them in writing. Then the next step is to go to the SC Board of Commissars (BoCs) for a scheduled Public Hearing. Now, NCDOT may be a state run organization, but the Town owns what happens to it and must agree, and also have a public comment period. This “should not be” a done deal. I do hope we can get more updated information and this becomes more transparent with real time tangible information. We need to ensure proper access from 64 onto and off of 3rd Street. There is so much at stake, ingress and egress of emergency vehicles, the traffic flow passing along Third Street where some businesses rely on traffic flow to sustain them. I know our Town Staff is very much ready to see what comes from Mountaire and I feel confident they asked the right questions, however, it would have been nice to know this was not dead as most of us have been led to believe.

We Need a Method to Discard Nuisance Waste

I would like to work with town staff, as a Siler City citizen and your Mayor, for a place and plan to be able to take our appliances, yard debris, and more. Currently one will see debris like this laying on the side of the road, on a sidewalk, or just piling up. We deserve better. We deserve a  method, a place, a way to get Siler City clean and keep it clean. We need our utility costs and processes reviewed so we can work out a safe and viable plan/process. This can be solved, hopefully soon.

What Role Can The Siler City Mayor play to help increase household income

Siler City’s median household income is around $27,000, lower than the county median by a significant margin, as your Siler City Mayor I would,
● Find and seek out opportunities for the families and their children to grow, such as a focus on acquiring small software, or robotics companies that attract our youth for summer jobs or as careers. Our vacant buildings are better priced with a central location in our state and make a better affordable office space then Durham, Orange, or Wake County.
● Work at providing affordable housing to sustain our families, and businesses and making sure that their families have a chance to live and become part of our workforce.
● Work with the major manufacturing employers in Siler City to brainstorm ways to work and make Siler City an attractive and formidable location for employees and their families to live and work.

A Mayor Represents the People and Sets The Agenda

When recently asked, “What are the principles you would carry into that role of Mayor to deserve it?”  I  answered,  ” I am experienced, approachable, honest, collaborative, ethical, and deliberate in action.”

The mayor needs to represent the people. Mayors “typically” run their city or town’s day-to-day administration. The Mayor usually with a town manager, set the agenda, and work with the legislative body,  we call our Board of Commissioners, to enact laws that move their town forward and deliver for the people. The Mayor should not only preside over council meetings, provide leadership, but should receive input from constituents and make collaborative business decisions regardless of having no vote during town board meetings. Mayors, represent their town during ribbon cutting, county, state, and federal mayoral events, and is the “face” of the town to new and upcoming businesses. The Mayor also can work to gather funding along with grant writers and the town manager to advocate for advancements to assist the Town staff in delivering for the people, clean water, updated sewer and waste water treatment plants, pipes, and more.

There is a need for strategic and tactical vision, and execution,  I have that experience working, developing, and sustaining large organizations in a multi billion dollar company using those very characteristics. I also have been here in Siler City and in Chatham County over the last 20 years developing and working in appointed and elected leadership roles in both civic and town/county appointed organizations. These positions  allowed me to move us forward to drive Economic Development  advocating the development of business  and safe environment for our citizens. These changes have included development of new ordinances while removing some old ordinances collaborating with the Board of Commissioners and town staff. These ordinances have enabled new business into Siler City that were not able to come before. This work enabled the start  of cleanup efforts (much more to go). If one strolls in our new  downtown overlay district, you can see the recent changes. This has also brought new visitors to our innovative and resilient little town enjoying more pedestrian friendly streets. I would like to be able to expand this work across Siler City. I do hope I have earned your vote for Mayor for the next two years. Vote Jackie Adams for Mayor of Siler City