Siler City Needs Recreational Alternatives for Our Children

I see a skate park and an adjacent dog park located in our town at a  select location for easy access.  We need more, then the park with a shelter, a swing set, and a ball field. We need something our families, friends, children of all ages, can flock to that is new, different, and exciting for our young people. What about concrete ping pong tables, so much can be done if thought out.  If it is done right, we can work with other organizations, government or otherwise,  to pay for a project(s) such as this in order to “not” burden our tax payers. This is one of the many visions I see for Siler City in the near future and would like the opportunity to work with our Town Manger, Parks n Rec and the Siler City Board of Commissioners to do this sooner than later.

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