Loss of H&B Legacy Furniture wrt Ordinances and Building Codes

Written BY Jackie Adams October 20, 2019

In response to my thoughts and comments to the Loss of H&B Legacy Furniture in Siler City by Chatham News +Record

Every small town and its small businesses face unique challenges. H&B Legacy Furniture, owned by Tim and Camille Cunnup, is no different. The Cunnups built relationships on quality and honesty with their suppliers, manufactures, and customers. That is of value when your goal is attracting outside customers to a destination location. Tim and Camille promised to keep the “Legacy” name alive while working to build their own legacy in Siler City. The Cunnup family all worked at this business, as we as small business owners do. And they lived up to their promise to the past and to the community.

As a property owner and a business owner, and as the President of the Merchants Association, the Chair of the Downtown Advisory Board to the Board of Commissioners, and a Board member of the Siler City Development Organization, I understand the characteristics it takes to develop and grow and make it as a small business in a wonderful town like Siler City. I know what it means to rent to a small business when you can sell to a larger one. Yet, one sacrifices for the good of the community, because it not all about the bottom line.

The “Legacy” building is presumably being sold to a Raleigh-based company that will turn the building into a warehouse. It is especially sad that we do not have the infrastructure or the rehabilitated buildings that would allow H&B Legacy and the Cunnup family to relocate to another location in town. What will that do to the reputation we are trying to build as destination location as we lose yet another business that can draw visitors and customers to Siler City?

It is a great loss when a wonderful family business closes its doors. A loss to our town’s prosperity, a loss to our community, all to a larger company who won’t care about the promise the Cunnups made. I still have hopes that the “Legacy” can continue. Maybe a deal can be worked out between the “Legacy family” and the Cunnups, but if not, we know it won’t be because Tim and his family were not willing to try or that their business wasn’t a success. Communities like ours need to work together as much as possible and support one another, as building owners, business owners, or patrons. We are stronger together.

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