What I Will Do as Your Advocate and Mayor

An effective mayor drives economic development by engaging civic, community, and business leaders to develop smart plans and follow through on them. The mayor should work as our representative to build community and regional support for Siler City’s growth. She sets the agenda and is the chief community leader. I will be an active mayor who reflects and listens to the citizens in our educational and municipal sectors, faith communities, and local agencies. I welcome the responsibility to be a problem-solver and facilitator toward a more dynamic Siler City. We need good jobs, drinkable water, affordable housing, a vibrant downtown, a welcoming Route 64 corridor, and increased economic development. I have the skills, experience, and passion to bring people together to make these things happen. As your Mayor, I will work with the town staff, and across community and boards to be your catalyst, connector, and consensus-builder for positive change.  Please head to the poles for early one stop voting October 16 to cast your vote.

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