Shutting Down a Portion of Third Street – TBD

I have just got off the phone with The Siler City Planning and Development Director. The fact is that Mountaire is still aggressively pursuing closing 3rd street. They have committed major funds in order to buy up more land, develop and gather engineering plans as well as pay $3,000 for petitions.
I understand the initial moratorium from the BoCs of 90 days is now past, and any day Mountaire can come before the staff to submit their Engineering plans to address the concerns the Town Staff had given them in writing. Then the next step is to go to the SC Board of Commissars (BoCs) for a scheduled Public Hearing. Now, NCDOT may be a state run organization, but the Town owns what happens to it and must agree, and also have a public comment period. This “should not be” a done deal. I do hope we can get more updated information and this becomes more transparent with real time tangible information. We need to ensure proper access from 64 onto and off of 3rd Street. There is so much at stake, ingress and egress of emergency vehicles, the traffic flow passing along Third Street where some businesses rely on traffic flow to sustain them. I know our Town Staff is very much ready to see what comes from Mountaire and I feel confident they asked the right questions, however, it would have been nice to know this was not dead as most of us have been led to believe.

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  1. I wanted to respond to this recent post and correct what looks to be some incorrect or misleading information. The Town Manager, Roy Lynch, has an agenda item for the Monday, October 7, 2019 Meeting of the Board of Commissioners, for Staff to provide an update on Mountaire’s street closure petitions.
    Let me first address the title of this post “Shutting Down Third Street is Still a possibility.” That IS, in fact, a dead issue. Third Street will NOT be closed. What does remain at issue is the possibility of closing a portion of Third Street while redirecting Third Street to intersect US 64 at a different location. Let me stress that no plans have been brought before the Board and discussions remain at the staff level. There are still many months of discussion and planning that need to take place between Town staff, NCDOT and Mountaire (including its engineers and other professional staff) before any detailed plans are brought forward to be considered by the Board. There are significant impacts to NCDOT plans for US64 modifications that must be considered in the planning and engineering of any solution.
    There is a defined process that must be followed before the Board could discuss, or act, on any requests for permanent street closure, whenever requested by a petitioner. The most recent action on a permanent street closure was the closing of Brookwood Avenue, which involved two public hearings, property owner notifications, etc. after multiple meetings with Town Staff. These decisions are definitely not made in a vacuum, and are done in a public setting to maintain transparency.
    I would like to state that the Board of Commissioners has continued to receive information on the on-going discussions between Town Staff, NCDOT and Mountaire concerning this issue. These updates are contained in the monthly department head reports provided to the Commissioners.
    The issue of Third Street has not been discussed before the Board in any meetings since Third Street was re-opened earlier in the year because there has not been any action required by the Board. As for the “moratorium,” I spoke with Jack Meadows and we agreed that it was an unfortunate choice of words he used. While Third Street was temporarily closed during the construction of the Mountaire plant, the rumor of Third Street being permanently closed was raised. At that time, I stated that there was nothing we, as a Board, could consider, as no plans had been discussed with the Board. I further stated that we should not even begin to look at any such request for at least 3 months after the road had been re-opened to look at the impact on traffic. We never held a vote on a “moratorium,” and no plans to do so have ever been presented to the Board.
    I am grateful that residents are engaged and interested and I would invite the public to attend our twice-monthly meetings to really hear for themselves, what is going on regarding town issues before the Board.

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